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Hi – and welcome! I have worked as a UK tabloid journalist and I have  just published ‘OH YES … TOTAL CHAOS EVERYWHERE!’ http://amzn.to/30Yx3by which is about our world moving rapidly into populist and serious right-wing chaos. Get details for my other stories on my author page at   And see post 78 on my blog http://bit.ly/31Rag2P for more on OH YES … TOTAL CHAOS EVERYWHERE! 

I recently completed ‘A RISING STAR’ – a romance saga I greatly enjoyed writing. It is the story of Maria Reilly, a young Irish actress who ascends from acting in a Dublin play by her boyfriend to becoming a  Hollywood star and a revered movie icon          

5 star review of ‘A Rising Star’ on Amazon.co.uk http://amzn.to/2ZizuZw

I have also written four dark humour thrillers where my main man, Flynn, is a London based American writer – who drinks too much, keeps getting diverted emotionally by attractive women, and reluctantly agrees to become a US/UK secret agent. 

Enjoy Flynn’s at times crazy adventures in UNDER COVER, DARK CLOUDS and HARPS & TEARS, where he is up against nasty Islamic jihadists who want to nuke London, Paris and New York. While in WEIMAR VIBES his target is the evil Oscar ‘Führer’ Kerner, who is trying to drag the UK and Europe back into a Hitler horror scenario.

There are #FREE opening excerpts from all of these stories on my Amazon Author Page:   There are good reviews here  and there are chapter extracts + some topical blogs on the ‘contents’ link above – or on http://bit.ly/1a4d4bt  –  you can also check me out on Twitter @WriterRowan and my #IAN1 Independent Author Network page is on http://bit.ly/1CapXQX 

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A Rising Star – Amazon   Opens with a couple of students at Trinity College in Dublin quickly getting the attention of an influential Hollywood agent. Playwright Jack Flynn is contracted as a script-writer, but it is his girlfriend Maria Reilly – the star of his Dublin play – who really makes an impact, first in a ten-episode Hollywood series and then in a film as a widow who saves her deceased husband’s floundering advertising and media business from collapse. She impulsively stopped taking contraceptives when she met and fell for writer Bertie Windsor in India, but she becomes pregnant, so he proposes on a bent knee and she accepts. They marry at Newport Beach in California, and Maria is taking a call from her sister in India when her contractions start. She then delivers a boy, with assurances from her Hollywood producer that he will wait for six months before starting on her final series, which will have Maria as a US Presidential candidate.

Dark Clouds – The best review of this story is by Bill McKeith with Amazon.co.uk on  http://amzn.to/H9QkMC  – and for 7 more reviews please use my US Amazon link    In Dark Clouds Islamists are hoping to cause nuclear mayhem in London, but they are up against my main man, Flynn, who enjoys a drink and is empathetic with friendly females … is he, however, really the one to take on dangerous Islamic jihadists: people who see most of us in the West as misguided infidels who need to experience the purifying wrath of Allah?! His Controller, Carla Hirsch, is pretty scary, but he’s getting serious emotional empathy from Ingrid – a gorgeous and incredibly seductive Scandinavian artist!

Weimar Vibes – Amazon     is a dark humour/satirical story in a thriller framework. Set a few years hence, it mirrors elements of 1930s German chaos in the UK tomorrow. It won a gold star and was rated as a ‘most popular’ novel on HarperCollins Authonomy – reviews on:  http://bit.ly/YCs4pA  Here, Flynn is up against Oscar ‘Führer’ Kerner – a nasty neo-Nazi who is based in rural Ireland. He has romantic and other altercations with an attractive but traitorous Controller; a tempestuous Irish firebrand, Mairead Corrigan, and Julia Stein – the adorable wife of a London neighbour. He is assaulted in a Greek lavatory by an overly assertive US journalist, Fiona McCutcheon. But he is still yearning for his friend Saulie’s lovely wife when troops arrive on London’s streets and the British Prime Minister announces that elections must now be postponed.

Under Cover – Amazon    has Flynn dealing with right/wing anti-immigrant tendencies, which are escalating in Europe, along with increasing conflict between moderate Muslims and radical Islamists. Angry Iranians are also waiting on the sidelines, and they are plotting to nuke soft Western city targets with suitcase ‘dirty bombs’. Once again, it’s the women who seduce and take over our hapless guy. First there’s the hot French right-winger, Chantelle, who only has to look at Flynn to get him wobbling. She’s followed by Israeli agent Sophia Levine, who captures and then beds our guy in South India. But it’s his US Homeland Security Controller, Leah Sherman, who eventually gets Flynn into line on the carpet of his temporary London home.

Harps & Tears –  Amazon    is a dark humour thriller that centres on Bronkovski, a nasty Polish American nuclear scientist, whose wife leaves him for a Jewish environmentalist. He is furious and intent on revenge against the state of Israel. When we meet him, he is making a nuclear bomb in rural Ireland’s West Cork for ruthless Islamic activists. Journalist Rudi Flynn has been sent to Dublin by a New York editor who wants all he can deliver on Celtic Tigers and New Irish Women. Flynn, however, is more interested in a lead he has on the embittered nuclear scientist, Bronkovski, and what he may be up to in West Cork.

Our frequently wayward journalist is lured in and seduced by Irish charm and blarney – although he is aware of a powerful Dublin businessman, who knows Bronkovski, and who has politicians and cops in his pocket. Flynn’s local contact, Muldoon, is up for a bit of devious blackmail, and our guy’s hotel receptionist, Siobhan, agrees to seduce and probe the emotionally challenged nuclear scientist. Middle East money is funding an assassin in West Cork, while in Dublin an Israeli academic is targeted. There are ruthless rogues everywhere, but Flynn has a few cool female allies – and as his local contact takes a crucial call, mayhem is averted in rural Ireland.

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Interviews:  I chat about my writing with the fabulous Sasha Sleuth @JillEdmondson http://tinyurl.com/7j7s9m8   and I get my knuckles rapped as Jack Jameson on BBC television!  http://bbc.in/Y6hwhk

Why did I move from journalism to writing dark humour thrillers … well –  journalists sometimes get it wrong and have to apologise! A little while back – with my Jack Jameson pseudonym – I did a piece for the UK lib/left New Statesman   & http://bbc.in/1XyYiGe   It caused quite a stir and I was duly castigated on BBC television … which was embarrassing!!  

Enjoy my e-book stories and I would really appreciate your feedback on the Amazon sites. You can also get some disgraceful – but hopefully amusing – anecdotes on my brief period as a disreputable UK tabloid journalist in posts on my blogsite: http://bit.ly/1a4d4bt  … and my e-mail address is: phil@writerrowan.com