Post 70 – Transgender Challenges!

‘A British Army General has proposed that transgender soldiers should be permitted to fight on the front line. Up to now, women who were once men and men who had gone for being women were not permitted to go into military combat. OK – so Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox might – well just possibly – have made it as combat troops in the US or UK armies. But what happens if transgender recruitment seriously escalates and the new troops are posted to Islamist territories in North Africa or the Middle East? Wow – it’s too awful to imagine.

Let us consider a scenario where six male and female transgender troops are on a bombing raid in Iraq, Syria or Libya. They are being trained by straight sergeants, but something happens to the engine of their plane and they have to make an abrupt parachute exit. They land safely in the desert, but as they try to call their base, they are suddenly surrounded by ominously black Islamist flags. A few shots are fired, but the new arrivals are soon overpowered.

They are then led blindfolded and manacled to an ISIS enclave where they are separated. But within minutes ISIS guys are yelling and dragging naked and ostensibly male and female Western soldiers out into what was once an impoverished town square. The male captives appear to be women below the belt area and the women are definitely guys in the same parts. Unfortunately, none of the transgender military captives have had sex re-assignment or alteration surgery, which can be pricey, and certainly more than the cost of growing or cutting one’s hair.

The Islamists, however, are going berserk with shouts about infidels and abominably decadent Westerners. One refrains from thinking about or describing how the captivity of these unfortunate transgender soldier prisoners may end – but it doesn’t seem too promising. And at the very least one assumes that our military top brass may have to reconsider future assignments for our male or female transgender soldiers.


What might or might not happen to decent transgender male or female troops if they were captured by Islamists in North Africa or the Middle East is perhaps just speculation. So maybe it is best to withdraw from current military combat zones and take a break in our liberal and much loved California.

I wanted to check out a rumour about a Mormon cattle bandit in Nevada, so I motored up from Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I left late so I had to stop off in Las Vegas, which is a very unusual and interesting place. The hotel I found was on the Strip, and it was a popular gambling haunt with smoking permitted at the tables. When I entered the building I saw a couple of guys who seemed to be walking in a way I associated with women. But what the hell, maybe they were just a little on the camp side, which is normal enough on occasions.

Over dinner, however, I saw some people who looked like women. I mean, they had breasts, dresses and high-heeled shoes. But without exception, they walked in an assertively male way with their shoulders swinging backwards and forwards. Maybe I was just confused, so I had another wine and a brandy with my coffee. I then wandered around the hotel and quickly became aware of the fact that many of the people I saw who looked like women were in fact guys wearing female clothes, and many of the guys dressed as men had a distinctly female aura about them. So what exactly was happening in this quaint hotel on the Las Vegas Strip? ‘It’s a transgender convention,’ a baggage handler told me discreetly at the bar. ‘They come here because we’re pretty tolerant, and they feel OK about walking around on the Strip.’

I was so confused by what I had experienced on my first night in Las Vegas that I couldn’t sleep. Lesbians and gays were pretty normal within my limited experience – I had good friends in both gender categories … so no problems. But what about these guy/girls and girl/guys who seemed to have booked most of the rooms in my hotel. How would I cope if I had rear view mirror eye contact with a rather macho guy/girl in an Uber cab? Should I grin and say what a lovely day it was, or get involved in a transgender debate? And likewise with the girl/guys – a bit of neutral banter perhaps?

My most pressing concern, however, was to do with what might happen if good transgender Brit or US troops got captured by ISIS. It wasn’t something I wanted to delve too deeply into. So I took off the next morning for Nevada. Well – whatever way you looked at it – Mormon cattle rustling bandits were a bit more straightforward than lovely transgender persons who might instigate Islamist caliphate lunatics towards a second crusade … albeit almost five centuries after the first one, which the West fortunately won!

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