Post 74 – Looking back at 2016 … OMG – no!!

So what happened in the year just passed? A nice enough – but not very effective – lawyer President Obama prepared for retirement as the weird-haired Trump emerged with a popular snarl – ‘we’re gonna screw you Muslim bastards – an’ for starters, you’re not welcome here in the US of A … so go fuck yourselves in the deserts … or maybe just drown as your rubber boats sink off the Greek coast!!’

Angela of the once Nazi Germany said: ‘Our borders are open, so come you saintly Muslim refugees and enjoy life here in our thriving West.’ A nice thought – only the rightist Pegida voters in Germany said ‘no – and if you continue with this Mrs Merkel – we will send you to the equivalent of a political Auschwitz – ya!!

There was a lot of talk around transgender issues with Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn. ‘I am a woman now’ she declared. ‘So look at my legs, boobs and hair … and think of what we might get up to together … only I’m not quite finished down below my waist yet!!’

Here in her gracious Majesty’s still occasionally United Kingdom a chunky Sunday Times columnist posed provocatively in a bathrobe while clutching assertively at a bottle of fizz. She was not entirely enticing, but she gave us an ostensibly lurid taste of what we might expect – with red toe-nails and a bespectackled smile (of sorts).

We have a rather large underclass in Britain that costs us around £30b a year – they don’t work and they are mainly into drugs, alcohol and mental health issues. There is a black guy in our Stoke Newington council car park who sidles up to hapless women as they leave their cars and implies that he has mental health deficiencies as he requests monetary contributions. The scared women usually respond with pound coins – or fivers at Christmas – after which, the ostensibly loony black beggar goes to the nearest betting shop, where he frequently wins!

We are a bit soft and overly liberal in Stokey, where the delightful US WholeFoods is a winning target for thieves. They wander into the store with a smile, snatch whatever they can get away with, and then sell it on in nearby pubs. Our cops are aware of this, but right now they are more preoccupied with terrorism and what might happen if black robbers are seen to be targets for police with guns who feel that they must fire if it is necessary.

Along with ISIS and encounters with beggars, robbers and addicts seeking methadone at local chemists, there have also been reports of assertive gay cruising, late night parties and copulation on the gravestones in our once sacred and lovely old Abney Park cemetery. But right now we are more concerned about the lure of ISIS for our migrant Pakistani and Asian youngsters. Previously, frustrated Islamic fundamentalist teenagers spent their time slashing the tyres of Hassidic Jewish residents in London’s Stamford Hill. Now, however, their focus has changed and they are heading for ISIS enclaves in the Middle East and North Africa.

A semi-literate British Islamic boy recently posted an image of the severed heads of opponents impaled on railings in Syria. He referred to them as street decorations for the Muslim festival of Eid. He then went on to describe Jews as ‘parasites’ and called for them to be ‘put back into the gas chambers’.

Let us hope that 2017 is a bit better all round!!

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