Post 77 #My Worst Date – and I thought I loved her … but!!

Glory be to God – but it’s Gloria I’m writing about, and it’s a little scary! We first met at Universal City, where Gloria had a bit-part in a film and I was hoping to interview a feisty English actress for a US magazine. I was very taken by Gloria when I first saw her. She had a great figure with incredible legs and dark eyes that drew you to her in the hope that one might discover a little more about this amazing woman.

“I was wondering if perhaps you might like to have lunch with me tomorrow?” I asked tentatively. “There’s a place not far from here that looks down on Toluca Lake,” I suggested. “We could meet here and I’d drive us up to the restaurant – what do you think?”

She stared at me for a while with a mischievous twinkle in her enticing eyes. “Yes – sure, why not,” she eventually answered. “But now I’ve got to go, Phil. We have this absolute bastard who’s directing the movie I’m presently contracted for, and if I’m late when he starts there’s a chance I may get fired and escorted to the gates here at Universal City … so take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I was shaking slightly as she left the canteen where we had been chatting over coffee. I kept fantasising about the glorious Gloria as I drove down to Los Angeles. She was a very attractive woman, and I was captivated by her smiley good looks. I should perhaps have spent a little time going back over some of my more impulsive interactions with attractive women. Several of these had been disastrous – including marriage to my wife, who was indeed a beautiful woman. But after a few months of our being together in New York, where I was based, I discovered that my lovely bride was in conjugal congress with one of my friends. I then discovered that she had also been romantically involved with some other woman. So after we split up, I vowed to try and be more careful with romantic liaisons in the future.

I had been on my own for several months now, however, and I found that I was constantly yearning for some sort of emotional attachment and physical interactions with an appealing woman. I showered with enthusiasm the next morning and then took a light breakfast at my downtown LA hotel. I was careful as I drove my hire car back up towards Universal City. I didn’t want to get distracted or involved in any sort of traffic altercation that might hold me up. But the sun was shining and I was in good form when I finally got to the studio at Universal City where Gloria was working for the morning on her espionage movie.

“So you’re here to see Miss Johnston?” a doorman asked and I nodded. “They normally finish about now,” he said. “And she’s certainly a very attractive woman,” he added with what I thought was a smirk. He then took a call, but when he returned the smirk was still there. “Well I guess us guys have been taking a bit of a battering lately from the #MeToo brigade around here in Hollywood. I mean from what I read in the papers and see on TV you’d think that any guys linked in with the movie business just wanted to squeeze women’s butts or breasts. And frankly, I think a lot of this stuff is ridiculous. If you find yourself with a beautiful woman, why wouldn’t one wish to squeeze her knee – or maybe even suggest that you might like to take a shower with her. I mean, it’s not all that different really from what most of us do with our girlfriends – and it’s just a bit of fun!”

I didn’t want to listen to too much more of this, but fortunately the doorman was once again called to the phone, and I could see Gloria approaching before he returned to the reception counter. “So Rudi – it’s good to see you,” she said, looking disdainfully towards the doorman who was still on the phone. “That guy’s an unpleasant fucking bastard,” she confided as we left the studio. “And I can’t help thinking that maybe he’s been colluding with some of our producers and directors who’ve been touching up unsuspecting women here in Hollywood for some time now … I don’t want to sound too harsh about it, Rudi, but I fully support our #MeToo women, and if the opportunity ever arose, I can tell you I would happily give that guy on our studio door – and any other lecherous gropers – a good hard kick in the crutch!”

I was a little concerned about this, but as we got into my hired car, Gloria laid a friendly hand just above my left knee. “So tell me?” she asked. “Have you recently been seriously involved with another woman?”

Yes – I had been, but I was keen to give my lovely Gloria the impression it was now finished, and that I was looking forward to whatever the future might bring in the way of romantic interludes that touched my heart and had me in a state of constant excitement.

Toluca Lake was a joy to behold from our patio table at the restaurant where we finally stopped. “You might like perhaps to try one of our cocktails?” a charming Mexican waiter asked. “Oh yes, please,” Gloria answered with a winning smile. “And I’m sure you might like to join me, Rudi – yes?”

Of course – I would normally start with a gin and tonic, but Gloria was already making choices for each of us. “So – what about you?” I asked with interest as our waiter departed. “You are a stunner, Gloria – and I’d say you’ve had guys in a frenzy for quite a while now.” She smiled at this and then gave a little nod. “To some extent, I guess, Rudi. But to be honest, I’ve reached the stage where what I most want is a good, loving relationship with the right person … and I think that’s where most of us end up. I’m forty next month, so maybe soon I’ll be too old to have kids, but right now I think what I want more than anything else is a good guy that I can love and be loved by.”

I think that as our cocktails and then some food arrived I was seriously falling for Gloria. She kept smiling and mesmerising me as we talked of some places we had each visited and where I had worked recently as a journalist. “I love France, Spain and Italy,” she confided. “And I think I could happily settle in the warmer parts of any of these countries. But I was wondering if perhaps when we’ve finished here, Rudi, you could possibly take me down to LA?” Of course – it would be a pleasure, and if any opportunity arose I wanted to arrange another date with her.

When we reached downtown LA, Gloria asked if I would like to take a coffee with her at her apartment? Oh yes – I would love to. So she directed me towards an underground car park, and when we eventually got to some lifts she linked into my arm and then blew me a playful kiss.

“Perhaps we could have another drink,” she suggested. “What do you think?” I was certainly up for it, and when we reached Gloria’s top floor apartment, she took off her light silk coat and asked if I would like to give her my jacket. I had a wallet in the inside pocket with a few hundred dollars, but I had no qualms about taking off my jacket and handing it to Gloria. “So now,” she said when we went into her nicely furnished sitting room. “Let me get you that drink.”

The views around us were mainly of other buildings. But there was some good light coming through the windows, and when she had poured me a decent gin and tonic, Gloria took my hand and pouted her lovely lips.

“I would like you to kiss me,” she said, which had my free hand shaking as I looked for a table on which to rest my gin and tonic. We then embraced properly as our lips touched and I felt that I was in heaven. Her generous breasts pressed appealingly against my chest, and when we finally parted Gloria led me into her bedroom with a quiet smile. “I think now, Rudi, we should take off our clothes and see what happens next.”

Was I dreaming, or was this really happening? I almost fell over as I tried to get a leg out of my trousers. But when we were both naked Gloria came to embrace me, and I was excited as her nipples touched my chest. We then lay down on the bed, and I sensed that there was moisture around her clitoris and vagina. This had to be a perfect Hollywood epic, where I was encouraged gently through each phase until Gloria finally withdrew her lips and said “I think now is the time, Rudi, for us to make love.”

She was indeed welcoming as we joined together and then said: “Hard and fast until I scream – and if my nails cut into your back it’s because I’m a passionate woman and I want to come with you, just as the sperm comes out of your penis.”

A good rhythm soon evolved between us: slowly at first, and then faster with more excitement. She squealed slightly when I couldn’t hold back for any longer, and in a matter of moments, we were excitedly coming together. I hadn’t felt so good since the first time I made love to my now divorced wife, and Gloria also seemed to have enjoyed the experience as we finally lay exhausted but properly pleasured in each other’s arms.

“I think maybe now is the time for tea,” she said eventually. “And could you then give me a lift to a place just a few blocks from here? I’ve got to see someone about another movie in Mexico – and you could maybe pop up to Universal City tomorrow where we might have lunch together in the park surrounding the studios?”

Of course – I would be delighted to go along with what she was proposing. I would have liked a longer after-play session with Gloria, but I accepted the fact that she had to go and follow up on her next movie contract. When we were dressed, we nudged closely together as we took tea with biscuits on her living-room sofa. She then went and got my jacket from a coatrack in the hall just before we left the apartment and took a lift down to the underground car park. I followed her directions along the street outside and around a couple of corners to where she said she would get out.

We kissed lightly before parting. “And I look forward to seeing you for lunch at Universal City tomorrow,” Gloria said as she left the car and then turned to wave towards me with a smile. I felt it had been a truly exciting dating experience, with a lot of enjoyable passion.

For a while I thought I really was living in another world, and I loved it. I did, however, need to call my editor in New York. But first I felt I should have a drink in the bar of my downtown LA hotel. So I ordered a large gin and tonic, and when it arrived I took out my wallet to pay … but my cash wasn’t there. I knew I had over three hundred dollars for working expenses when I paid for our lunch overlooking Toluca Lake. But now the cash was gone, and I was totally thrown.

Was there maybe someone else in the apartment when Gloria took my jacket and hung it up in the hallway? It was possible, but I thought unlikely. So what had happened to my money? My credit and debit cards were still in my wallet, but the dollars were gone. Should I go back to her apartment to ask Gloria what might have happened? I could do that, but as we were due to meet for lunch the next day at Universal City, it was possibly best for me to leave it until then.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a contact number for Gloria, so I paid for my first and second drinks at the bar of my hotel with a debit card. I then called my editor in New York and asked if I might return in a couple of days, as I didn’t really have much else to say about Los Angeles – other than that I was quite disappointed by what had happened.

I typed up a local feature story on my computer in the morning and then drove a little reluctantly to Universal City to see Gloria. “I’m sorry, sir,” the guy at the studio door said with yet another smirk. “She finished here yesterday, and my understanding is that she was due to get a flight down to Mexico City this morning … why sir, what has happened? Do I take it that the lovely Miss Johnston has – shall we say – taken you for a little ride on your first date together? Well – I know it may not help much, sir … but this would not be the first time this has happened. You may also not be aware of the fact that our lovely Gloria frequently charges admirers who wish to have intimate indulgences with her … in fact, sir, the lady is a whore!”

I was furious but helpless – yes, it was true: I had been taken for a costly ride by the lovely Gloria on our first date. But I guess these things happen sometimes. So in the future I’d need to be more careful with my dates – and it might be for the best if I didn’t carry too much cash in my wallet … but there you go!