The Holy Ghost Fathers were grim, but girls from the Jacobs biscuit factory were great, and I wrote short stories at Trinity College Dublin before moving to the Athens Daily Post. Here, in the port of Piraeus, worldly dark-haired women asked if one would like to have a good time, while in Syntagma Square tourists talked admiringly about the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

Back in London on my first booze fuelled tabloid it was ‘deliver or you’re out, mate.’ As an assistant leader writer I duly attacked the Germans in sixty words and praised the virtues of British farmers in one hundred and twenty. It was much the same on tabloids two and three where I occasionally organised disgraceful sexual and other scandalous set-up stories for celebs, politicians and unfortunate people who just happened to be newsworthy.

I wasn’t going anywhere in newspapers so I took a job as a tutor at a struggling university. It was not a memorable experience for my students but I produced a few plays that were staged on the fringe. Marriage, children + a mortgage then meant I had to try harder financially. Consultancy beckoned – mainly right side of the brain stuff for accountants, lawyers and nuclear scientists. They all wanted to be more creative, which was fine. My new calling was interesting and paid the bills, but I gradually got seduced back into fiction-writing.

Apart from jobs on newspapers, I have also worked as a freelance. My credibility as a serious feature writer took a dive a while back however. Both the BBC and a rural chief constable misinterpreted an allegorical piece I had written (as Jack Jameson) for the New Statesman  about German marching songs and 1930s bierkeller style ‘sieg heiling’ in a Welsh pub.

I like my dark humour thriller character, Rudi Flynn, and I want to take him further. Apart from Dark Clouds, which has al-Qaeda trying to nuke London, I have written three more Flynn stories. Weimar Vibes mirrors elements of 1930s Germany in the UK tomorrow; it won a gold star and was rated as a ‘most popular novel’ on the HarperCollins website. Under Cover has right-wing anti-immigrant tendencies escalating in Europe, along with increasing conflict between moderate Muslims and radical Islamists. While, my latest, Harps & Tears features a loopy/disappointed in love US nuclear scientist. He’s got a West Cork hideaway and he’s doing something pretty awful for Islamic activists.

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