1. A bomb explodes at London’s Victoria Station and many people die. There is confusion about what is happening, but it’s not just in the English capital city. For several hundred miles away in the North East of England, unemployed youngsters have gathered around a mosque in Newcastle. ‘We don’t want you here!’ they shout. ‘Go back to Africa or the Middle East, or wherever it is you came from … because we don’t want you here in England!’ It is all a little unnerving, while in Rotherham, which is multicultural, teenage girls are meeting to discuss their problems. ‘We are being lured into prostitution by these Pakistanis,’ one of the girls says: ‘This is wrong, surely … but no one is doing anything to protect us.’

2.         In Rome, Maria Theresa Savio is struggling to keep her job as a journalist. But during her lunchbreak she meets with some colleagues. Alberto is on the left and he is angry. ‘Our world is not continuing as it should be,’ he declares. ‘We keep blaming people from overseas for our problems. But it is all down to us … we need to behave more sensibly instead of just pointing racist fingers at people because they are foreigners.’ Maria orders a bottle of Prosecco when Fabio, who is a rightist, comes to join them. He listens briefly to Alberto. But when the Prosecco arrives, he holds up his hands and shakes his head. ‘You are wrong,’ he says assertively. ‘Our problems here in Italy, and around most of the rest of Europe, are down to the fact that we have allowed too many Muslim migrants to come here from Africa and the Middle East. If there is a solution to our problem it is to deport these people back to where they came from. Then we can start rebuilding our country.’ Maria wasn’t quite sure about who she should support on this, but when she had poured glasses of Prosecco she looked seriously at each of them. ‘You are both misled,’ she said. ‘We just need to be more tolerant if we want to take our country forward. 

3.      In Greece, socialists were losing power to a harsh rightist alternative. Growth     was falling and there was serious unemployment with escalating numbers of migrants. What do US Sixth Fleet older and younger sailors get up to with Monesta and Felicia in Piraeus? Flynn gets together with Felicia. She doesn’t want any more migrants in Greece and wants to go to Australia, where she might overstay on her holiday visa prior to marrying and starting a family with an agreeable Ozzie.

4.   Germany is daunting, and in some ways worse than France. Flynn’s US editor, Jed, wants him to dig a little deeper in Germany because that’s where he reckons the bad guys came from. So on a train to Munich, he asks Brigitta about Muslim migrants. She has a lunchtime meeting, but suggests that she and Flynn might meet later in the day. In the meanwhile, he takes in the Glockenspiel and the English Gardens, where people in lederhosen are drinking, and one of them recognises Flynn from his der Spiegel story. They chat and cheer spontaneously and ask Flynn to be their guest for lunch. Brigitta then calls and suggests that Flynn might like to meet her at the Town Hall. They go to a fine old building that Hitler stayed in while visiting Munich and they have fruity sex.

5.    Tory MP Clive says that British people are now saying in public what they honestly feel and believe. The old idea that Brits would politely express themselves in a non-aggressive way is gone. Henceforth, truth will out with blacks and Muslims getting the message: ‘we don’t want you here in our country … so go back to North Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.’

6.    There are transgender men dressed as women in Los Angeles, which is causing problems on the streets. While in Mesquite, Nevada, a Mormon farmer is allowing his cattle to graze on State land. The Sheriff is reluctant to take action, for if he does, the Mormon farmer may call on his Salt Lake City religious colleagues to descend on Mesquite with guns to rescue him.

7.     The US has been overtaken with drugs from Mexico. ‘These people are worthless thieves and useless workers’ a south Texas barman says. But the huge heroin and cocaine trade continues, and it is being extended by fishermen taking drugs up on the east and west sides of the US. ‘But it’s a racial issue!’ a Mexican protests. ‘We may, however, eventually subvert your system either with drugs or explosives. So watch out white man!’

8.       The Argentine samba parades were enticing, as indeed was the US journalist, Gracie, who was also mischievous. She spoke of bribery and tax evasion in Latin America, along with corruption, draining more than $50 billion a year from the Argentine economy. ‘You may also know,’ she said, ‘that soon Argentinian warships will move from Santa Cruz to invade the Falklands and adjacent islands. But for now, Rudi, I just need you to give me a proper seeing to … OK?’

9.         Mayhem on the streets of Venezuela. There are also reports of dismembered bodies being eaten at the Tachora detention centre in Caracas where a homosexual killer cannibal was alleged to have sauteed his lover’s penis with Brussels sprouts and then eaten it. In contrast, Puerto Rica was a welcoming dream. It was lush and luxurious and a US and European tourist haven with an abundance of drugs.

10.       The LGBT scene was escalating in Trinidad and Tobago. But activists Gloria and Singh were trying to get anti-gay legislation revoked. Gloria claimed that Jamaica, by contrast, was totally homophobic and a horrendously vitriolic place for gays. But Jed then called from Chicago with news of serious rioting in the Jamaican parish of St James. Apparently the military had been called in and the exclusive Montego Bay area was reportedly under siege. Rioters were out everywhere with guns and machetes. The front windows of Flynn’s bus from the airport were shattered and the driver took a bullet. Some Jamaicans migrate to the US. But they may then convert to Islam and end up as extremists. The knives were out all around the Parish of St James and Montego Bay where white tourists were seen as fair game for Jamaican criminals, who were everywhere.

11.       The US State Department now want Flynn to go to Cuba. They need to know if the time is right to expand their relations with Fidel’s successors. Hemingway’s favourite Floridita was still popular but many of the old buildings in Havana were crumbling with decay. Enticing music from the Tropicana Club where a glamorous waitress smiled at Flynn as though she might entice him to an archive for sex. An old Russian helicopter to Santiago de Cuba with Castro’s Sierra Maestra mountains on the way. Then it’s back to Havana where an Army General says Cuba can help the US on drugs coming up from Central and Latin America.

12.       There is a debriefing for Flynn in Washington. And then it’s on to Australia, China, Russia and East Europe. But there is a loving smile in his wife Maria’s eyes as they get together agreeably in New York. An Australian banker on a flight to Sydney then says that old certainties and alliances are crumbling around the world and that no one knows what’s next. There is talk of the Irish, who were seen as criminals when they first arrived in Oz, which they were initially deported to by the British as thieves. But in Sydney Margo McKellan, an attractive and confident journalist, gets together with        Flynn and they go to Cairns near the Great Barrier Reef. Then it’s on to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast where rich Ozzies are looking for US mafia connections.

13.       Flynn’s newspaper editor in New York says that they’re getting a lot on the sexual harassment of Japanese women. ‘In our danson johi tradition, women are impure and dirty,’ a Japanese academic says. The old men running Japan have made it clear that they want women to be kept in their place, and they expect that at the very least women should suffer in silence. There is then a liberal lawmaker from the Abe administration who posted a photograph of some female politicians holding #MeToo banners on his Twitter account. He said that none of them were attractive enough to be sexually harassed.

14.       Beijing was a vast urban sprawl with 21 million people in 6000 square miles, and overall in China 1% of the population had 25% of the country’s wealth. At Sanya Beach on Hainan Island, Flynn met Chin Wan: a businesswoman from Macau which was a small place with 700,000 people, and was rated by the World Bank as the richest region in the world. Chin Wan and Flynn get together at Sanya and then fly to Macau from where they can get a glimpse of Hong Kong from her elaborate balcony.

15.       Flynn next went from Beijing to Moscow where his hotel was close to the magnificent St Basil’s Cathedral. Russia had a relatively aggressive stance towards everyone as Soviet living standards continued to fall. But Ula, a delightful young receptionist from Flynn’s hotel, persuaded him to buy tickets for the Bolshoi Ballet, which was a delight. Ula then suggested that she and Flynn might engage with an emotional voyage of discovery, which started with a slow but loving dance in Ula’s bedroom. There were harsh memories of Germans in St Petersburg where Flynn interviewed Celia Hogan from the US consulate.

16.       ‘It’s Hungary next,’ Flynn’s New York editor said in a text, ‘followed by Austria and the Czech Republic – and what might their attitudes be towards migrants from Africa and the Middle East, but particularly Muslims.’ So it’s Aeroflot to Budapest and the awesome River Danube.  Hungary was a steaming powerhouse economically and its leader Orban was a quasi dictator. The Hungarians had also been collaborators with the Germans, who had eliminated 600,000 Hungarian Jews. Olga, who did media relations for an Orban Minister had an apartment looking down on Fenekethen Lake and park. ‘I think a little intimate time together, Rudi, would be interesting,’ she said. ‘But have you ever been together with anyone you thought might be a Nazi? I believe the Brussels bureaucracy should be ignored and Merkel will soon be thrashed by the Alt Right, who will then take power in Germany to expel all of their Muslim migrants.’

17.       A train from Budapest to Vienna and the Heldenplatz where, in 1938, Hitler announced the reunification of Austria with the German Reich. The Chancellor, Kurz, had a strong alliance with Orban in Hungary, and they were both leading Europe’s rapidly ascending rightist populism.

18.       The Czech Republic was next, where Flynn walked from his hotel in Prague along by the Vltava River until he reached the old Jewish cemetery at Josefav. He then meets Bella Samirov from New York in Prague’s Old Town Square. Her grandmother had escaped from Prague on a Kinder Transport train in 1940, while Bella was still a young girl. But most of Bella’s Jewish relatives who remained were taken to Terazin and then on to Auschwitz and Treblinka. A quarter of a million   Czech Jews were exterminated, and today there are less than 4000 left in the Czech Republic. Flynn feels that the love he had for Chrystal in Paris is now with Bella.

19.       Another President is removed from France by the increasingly rightist Front National. But Flynn has first to go to Germany, where Merkel is about to concede power to the rightist Alternative fur Deutschland. Christina in the German Government press office arranges an interview for Flynn with Herr Hans Horst. He is a leading contender in the German Foreign Affairs Ministry, who says that Germany now has serious problems with Muslim migrants. His father was a General in Hitler’s SS and Horst is clearly very proud of him. An armed guard gives a neo-Nazi salute as Flynn leaves with thoughts that an unpleasant rightist populism is now taking over, not just in Germany, but in most of the Western world.

20.       A French Interior Minister is shot in Paris by an Algerian Islamist. Chrystal – a woman Flynn first fell for in Paris – makes an analogy between France now with forced Muslim deportations to North Africa and Nazi activities during the wartime Vichy regime when Jews – including some of her relatives – were taken from France to Germany by the Nazis, and then on to extermination camps in Poland.

21.       In Turkey, there were riots on the streets of Istanbul and Ankara as the lira plummeted and President Erdogan dealt with his opponents. Israel was quite different and Flynn got a warm welcome at Ben Gurion airport. ‘We have a valued relationship with your country, sir,’ a passport control officer said, ‘and we very much appreciate your moving your embassy from Tel Aviv to our capital, Jerusalem.’ In 1947 Israel was all Palestinian, apart from a few small Jewish settlements. The 1947-49 war resulted in almost all of the land going to Zionists, who then took over the whole country during six days in 1967. Israeli journalist Elishiba was confused by left-wing anti-Semitic Labour politicians in the UK who supported the Palestinians and Arab countries opposed to Israel. The UK Labour leader Corbyn had also visited graves in Munich of Islamists who murdered Israeli athletes.    

22.       ‘We would be interested to get your take on Holland and maybe Sweden,’ Flynn’s New York editor says, when Flynn has finished in Israel. ‘It seems that their rather liberal response on migrants has now changed – so Amsterdam first, Rudi.’ The vitriolic Geert Wilders had retreated, but his anti-Muslim migrant sentiments were escalating. Flynn was thinking of Anna Frank, who hid in an Amsterdam annex from 1942 – 44, but was discovered and gassed by the Nazis in 1945. Viona worked as a prostitute up the road from where Flynn was staying, and they tried café marijuana together as journalist Wilhelm said that Dutch migrant tolerance was waning, which also seemed to be the case in the US with blacks, Mexicans and Muslims.

23.       Riots in Stockholm’s Rinkeby suburb where residents were mainly Muslim migrants. They left burned out cars and shops with broken windows all over the Swedish capital. In Hungary, Orban hailed the fall of the West’s liberal elite, while in Britain Nigel Farage referred to Sweden’s Malmo in the south as the rape capital of Europe as Swexit urged Sweden to leave the European Union. The Sweden democrat party had neo-Nazi connections and Gustav, who was German, claimed that the right was powering to dominance in Sweden where social democracy was dying.

24.       The European Union seems to be falling apart, with Jews migrating en masse to Israel, while British blacks return to Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean from where they hoped to maybe make it to the US. The British Army was reinforcing the police in London and other UK cities where there have been Islamist incidents with blacks, Pakistanis and Indians rioting. There is also a strong movement in Britain to deport Pakistani Muslims and Afro-Caribbeans, of whom there are many. Liberal voices are no longer coming across in the UK, or in the media, and the Tory Government is seriously taking note of how British people everywhere are feeling.

25.       Flynn’s editor in New York and the State Department in Washington now feel that he has done as much as he can in Europe and around the world. They want him back in the US where he can do some radio and TV interviews on how it’s going in a collapsing world. He could then either join up with Homeland Security or the State Department in Washington.

26.       On the way out to Heathrow for his New York flight there was a text from his editor, Jed, to say that their President had just authorised a missile attack on North Korea. This was unexpected, but not good. The airline pilot then addressed his passengers as they approached New York. He didn’t wish to alarm anyone, but the North Koreans had apparently just hit New York with a non-nuclear missile. The flight was diverted to Boston, but Flynn’s apartment building on 100th Street had been hit, so he opted for a hotel on 98th Street. His wife, Maria, called to sympathise, as did his New York editor, Jed. The State Department and Homeland Security would arrange new accommodation for him, as they now want him to work for the US Government. They appreciate what he has done overseas and want him to work full-time for his country. Maria arrives in New York and assures Flynn that she is no longer courting Hollywood movie producers. She is also keen to start a family with her husband.

27.       Flynn flies down to Washington in the morning and is taken to Homeland Security on Nebraska Avenue, which had initially been a girls school seminary. He will soon have to take a short firearms course. But he will also have to attend a Russian and Chinese peace conference in Moscow. For these people are keen to work effectively with the US to subdue chaos all around the world. A military band plays at Moscow’s military airport when Flynn arrives and a luxury coach takes them into the city.

 28.      The Russian and Chinese delegates at the Moscow peace conference all spoke English, and they gave the impression that they certainly wanted to embrace the US visitors. The peace conference was impressive and there were drinks on the last evening at the Kremlin. ‘It has been a pleasure to have you all here in Moscow,’ a Russian Foreign Office Minister said in an embracing speech. ‘It is also indicative of how relations between us are becoming so much more co-operative. This is understandable,   for we are presently faced with serious threats from Islamic militants, some of whom may have nuclear weapons. Back in the US, Flynn’s father called from the family farm in Yosemite as he and his wife wanted to see their eldest boy. His mother mentioned Flynn’s wife, Maria, and said that she was hoping to have some grandchildren soon. When he got to Yosemite, there was a memorable family reunion, and Flynn walked with his brother Tim around Yosemite Park to his favourite Bridalveil waterfall. His brother had written a couple of film scripts and he was going to Los Angeles to try and sell them. His formally much loved wife, Maria, joined Flynn the next day in Washington at a hotel by the Potomac. Flynn is now once again the person she wants to spend time with, and she is keen for them to have a family together.