A Rising Star

Is a romance between two young Trinity College Dublin students who make it to Hollywood and then get involved with others as one of them becomes a Hollywood icon. Initially, they get the attention of an influential Hollywood agent as Maria stars in a Dublin play by her lover, Jack Flynn. He is initially contracted as a script-writer, but it is Maria who really makes an impact – first in a ten-episode Hollywood series and then in a film as a widow who saves her deceased husband’s floundering advertising and media business from collapse. She impulsively stopped taking contraceptives when she met and fell for writer Bertie Windsor in India and she is soon pregnant. Windsor proposes on a bended knee and she accepts. She is then contracted to star in another Hollywood movie as a US Presidential candidate.

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Weimar Vibes

Is a dark humour/satirical story in a thriller framework. Set a few years hence, it mirrors elements of 1930s German chaos in the UK tomorrow. It won a gold star and was rated as the most popular novel on the HarperCollins http://www.authonomy.com website in October 2009.

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Dark Clouds

Centres on an al-Qaeda activist who wants to cause nuclear mayhem in London. Rudi Flynn is feckless, flawed and empathetic with friendly females… but is he really up for tackling dangerous Islamic jihadists who see most Westerners as decadent infidels – misguided people who need to experience the purifying wrath of Allah.

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Under Cover

Has Flynn once again working for a US/UK intelligence alliance – based at the American Embassy in London. Only now he’s got links with the French Front National and Israeli Intelligence, who need to foil a plot by Iranian agents who are intent on serious provocation, which includes dirty bombs with nuclear ingredients.

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Harps & Tears

Features a loopy/disappointed in love Polish American nuclear scientist whose wife leaves him for a Jewish environmentalist. He is embittered and intent on revenge against the state of Israel. When we meet him, he is making a nuclear bomb in Ireland’s West Cork for Islamic activists in the Middle East.

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