In ‘Weimar Vibes‘ there is chaos on the streets. Oscar ‘F├╝hrer’ Kerner is whipping up an anti-immigrant frenzy in Europe. Whitehall spooks recruit Rudi Flynn, an alcoholic US tabloid hack. They want him to win Kerner over and compromise him. He can then attract escalating right-wing support in the UK, while working undercover for Her Majesty. Flynn is reluctant. He yearns for Guardian reader Julia Stein and doesn’t want her thinking that he’s a loony neo-Nazi apologist. But the situation is serious. Flynn’s mentally unstable wife is in the care of nuns in Alabama. He’s broke and can’t pay his mortgage; so he either signs up for Her Majesty’s Government as a strident Nationalist or he gets repossessed. We start with explosions in Morocco and the main character, Flynn, being hit with a brick during riots in a Paris Muslim banlieue. We finish with troops on the streets in London and the British Prime Minister announcing that elections must be postponed.



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