In ‘Dark Clouds‘ Islamic activists want to irradiate ‘decadent’ Brits, who are seen as enemies of Allah. It is scary, but a US/UK Security Service team believe that Rudi Flynn can help them avert disaster. His Muslim American girlfriend, Faria, died in the North Tower on 9/11 and he is now working as a journalist in London. He’s trying to forget what happened in Manhattan on that fateful Tuesday, but he still has some Islamic contacts. One of whom, Rashid, is in the loop with jihadists and wants to cross over. Flynn is wary about going undercover, but an oil rich Syrian he knows is suspected of funding the bad guys. On the up side, he’s just met Ingrid, an artist, who has invited him to join her on a Greek island where he can write about a fiery Fenian ancestor. This won’t happen, however, unless he delivers for Carla Hirsch: his ice cold and very focused US Homeland Security controller.



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