Rudi Flynn’s editor in New York is really into the Land of the Harp. In ‘Harps & Tears‘ she wants all he can send her on Celtic Tigers and New Irish Women. Flynn however, is more interested in Bronkovski – a clever but scary Polish American nuclear scientist, who’s up to no good in West Cork. He’s been lured in and overwhelmed by Irish charm and blarney ever since he arrived, although he’s aware of a powerful businessman who’s got politicians and policemen in his pocket. His local contact is up for a bit of devious blackmail, and his ambitious hotel receptionist agrees to seduce and probe the emotionally challenged scientist. Middle East money is funding a Pakistani assassin at Doolan Hall. While in Dublin, an Israeli academic is targeted outside the old Kildare Street Club. There are ruthless rogues everywhere, but Flynn has a few cool female allies; and as his contact Malachy Muldoon takes a crucial call, a nuclear catastrophe is averted in rural Ireland.

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