Under Cover‘ has increasing conflict between moderate Muslims and radical activists, which escalates when bin Laden dies. American journalist Rudi Flynn is recruited by a US/UK intelligence team to counter an Iranian activist group who are plotting to nuke soft Western targets. He befriends the sexually pro-active and occasionally quite outrageous Front National mistress of a murdered French writer and he also works with Sophia, a seductive and very attractive Israeli agent who briefly kidnaps him in India. At the instigation of his emotionally ambivalent female Controller at the US Embassy in London, he goes to Cuba where he gets a pointer from a Guantanamo detainee, who professes to be a moderate, but is later shot as an activist. Flynn’s double-agent act finally falls apart in Paris. The Iranian activists want to execute him, and it’s about to happen when Sophia and her Israeli associates come to his rescue in the remote French Correze countryside.

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