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The blog posts below have extracts from my stories + some pieces of (occasionally lewd!) journalism and Erotic Review articles                        


Post 76            Happy days in my Land of the Green Harp                                              (a short bio piece from Ireland) 

Post 75            Holocaust memories are grim … but what awaits us in the future?  http://bit.ly/1Z0z7aS         (Journalism)

Post 74            Looking back at 2016 … OMG – no!!   bit.ly/1Ix9JaD   (Journalism)

Post 73             Mary Rose and the Rebels  bit.ly/1PoPe1I   (Short Story)

Post 72             Political chaos in the UK … but my editor is getting hysterical about missiles & bombs   http://bit.ly/1KKvggA   (Journalism)

Post 71             Comedy icons Lena & Amy fool around with guys & girls … but there are scary Islamic omens for sexy infidels!!  http://bit.ly/1MFLIP6   (Journalism)

Post 70            Transgender Challenges!     http://bit.ly/1Dez94x   (Journalism)

Post 69            Is this weird woman lusting after Adolf?   http://bit.ly/1TixX9I    (Journalism)

Post 68           California is enchanting!  http://bit.ly/1Ghx73E   (Journalism)

Post 67           Pre-election mischief in the UK!  http://bit.ly/1HiFVvd    (Journalism)

Post 66           Political tensions escalate as love evolves – Enjoy this chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES http://bit.ly/1wQys2s 

Post 65           An interview about my writing with fabulous Sasha Sleuth Jill Edmondson  http://bit.ly/1p0DHmt 

Post 64           Try some tempestuous Irish passion in this chapter extract from HARPS & TEARS  http://bit.ly/1uTt6z9 

Post 63           Marine Le Pen’s ultra-right Front National is ascending in France  http://bit.ly/1lXLWCB    (Journalism)

Post 62           Flynn is seduced in the Land of the Harp by an assertive Viennese Euro-rightist – Chapter #excerpt from HARPS & TEARS  bit.ly/OnteXv 

Post 61          Smiley robber boys by the Potomac in Washington  – Chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1rTjJPM 

Post 60          My President requests that I come to the White House – Chapter #excerpts from WEIMER VIBES  http://bit.ly/1hKWjE5 

Post 59          Carla suggests a water-boarding session – Chapter #excerpts from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/Pbs0PI 

Post 58           Islamic activists at a London college – Chapter #excerpt from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/QvkUXR 

Post 57           A Nordic artist invites Flynn to her studio – Chapter #excerpt from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/1hP90On 

Post 56           A female journalist attacks Flynn at Cape Sounion in Greece – Chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1jLEago 

Post 55          The gay fascist ‘Führer’ Kerner is honey-trapped in Athens ~ Chapter #excerpts from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1h8U1h8 

Post 54          Why was Anton du Pre shot in Paris? Chapter #excerpts from UNDER COVER  http://bit.ly/1eykOa3

Post 53          Flynn is kidnapped by Israelis in India – Chapter #excerpts from UNDER COVER  http://bit.ly/OKTjjN 

Post 52         A covert visit to Guantanamo – Chapter #excerpts from UNDER COVER  http://bit.ly/1gTZcpr  

Post 51          Khalad & Rashid say that Islamists want to nuke London – Chapter #excerpt from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/1dAQesS 

Post 50         Flynn is recruited as a US Homeland Security agent – Chapter #excerpt  from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/1oL416K 

Post 49         Riots in London as the Army arrives – Chapter #excerpt from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/1nNUfno 

Post 48         Hitler’s Germany has a resurrection in Ireland  – Chapter #excerpts from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1rcZMmT 

Post 47         ‘Semtex in the Cup-Cakes – with nukes as a side dish!’   http://bit.ly/1aSvFW9      (Journalism)

Post 46          Internment, deportation or death for killer Brit jihadists  http://bit.ly/18NlqYs    (Journalism)

Post 45          Kerner’s Aryans are tomorrow’s SS Commandants – Chapter excerpts from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1chjPsT

Post 44         Mary Rose and the Rebels  http://bit.ly/19tcWoL   (Journalism)

Post 43          ‘WE HAVE PROBLEMS!’  http://bit.ly/14uu9G6    (Journalism)

Post 42          Crazy Chechen Jihadists … with more to follow!  http://bit.ly/153smOr      (Journalism)

Post 41          Weimar in Wales – a controversial New Statesman feature article  http://bit.ly/14uu9G6    (Journalism)

Post 42          Crazy Chechen Jihadists … with more to follow!  http://bit.ly/153smOr      (Journalism)

Post 41          Weimar in Wales – a controversial New Statesman feature article  http://bit.ly/1chgYQy      (Journalism)

Post 40          Will my lovely lesbian honey-trap an evil nuclear scientist? #extract  from Harps & Tears  http://bit.ly/RNQQFi 

Post 39          Arabella tells me that her lib/left UK newspaper colleagues are far too ‘limp’ in bed  http://bit.ly/Thz6BB     (Journalism – Erotic Review)  

Post 38          Sex with Politicians in the UK Tabloids  http://bit.ly/QLVy01  (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 37          Can I fit up the neo-Nazi ‘Führer’ Kerner with a gay Greek?  http://bit.ly/TivLRH     (Journalism – Erotic Review)                    

Post 36         Predilections of an Honourable Member  http://bit.ly/ThAnIP      (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 35          Ministerial Diversions  http://bit.ly/10B0LPj                                                  (Journalism – Erotic Review)     

Post 34          ‘OH MY GOD … so now it’s nuclear, guys!’  http://bit.ly/TRJV8P    (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 33          My Brief from Magdalena   http://bit.ly/Te9Vg9                            (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 32          ‘Give us the money, Mr Obama, sir’   http://bit.ly/T7yj2J            (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 31          My editor wants stories with illicit sex +whips etc   http://bit.ly/UMkIgE    (Journalism)

Post 30          Osama or Adolf … where are we heading?  http://bit.ly/oN2qOa        (Journalism)

Post 29           Putin and the Pussy Riot girls  http://bit.ly/Ti0Gvx     (Journalism)

Post 28          ‘Bonjour … je suis en France’   http://bit.ly/WoRtC5      (Journalism)

Post 27          Disintegration and Chaos   http://bit.ly/WJLYTn       (Journalism)

Post 26          An Indian Odyssey   http://bit.ly/U3Cy0n        (Journalism)

Post 25          Euro News Highlights   http://bit.ly/WJN1CV       (Journalism) 

Post 24          UNDER COVER – synopsis   http://bit.ly/V3I87q 

Post 23          Interview + synopses for DARK CLOUDS & WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/QgGpc8 

Post 22          ‘We need more leaders like Churchill and Roosevelt – and now please!’ http://bit.ly/10vH3W1        (Journalism)

Post 21           Weimar Vibes – a synopsis of my novel  http://bit.ly/1561dGd 

Post 20         An Auschwitz link  in a Dublin cafe – Chapter #excerpt from HARPS & TEARS   http://bit.ly/19dMxr3

Post 19          A Very Franchisable Fiction Character – my main man: Rudi Flynn  http://bit.ly/1doS3dq 

Post 18         Bombs and Burqas in Paris   –   feature article  http://bit.ly/19eIQjx        (Journalism)

Post 17          A Death in Dubai – with Nuclear Omens   –  feature article  http://bit.ly/1ep39SP      (Journalism)

Post 16          My Weimar Vibes pitch  http://bit.ly/19eMMRq

Post 15          al-Qaeda and the Taliban target London … again! – feature article  http://bit.ly/c0X7Lo          (Journalism)

Post 14          On duty for Her Majesty when a bomb explodes at the BBC – Chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES   http://bit.ly/14iQw63 

Post 13          Claire was a Working Girl  –  Chapter #excerpt from HARPS & TEARS  http://bit.ly/1566ttx

Post 12          Sinful Temptations in ‘holy’ Ireland  http://bit.ly/1a40SHM         (Journalism)

Post 11          A Disgraceful Career Choice!!  http://bit.ly/16psdkt     (Journalism)

Post 10          Journalists … OMG … don’t you just love us?!  http://bit.ly/19eVAqv     (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 9            Flynn takes a drink with his lover’s husband  –  Chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/188VJyC 

Post 8            ‘Weimar Vibes … are we going there again?’  –  feature article  http://bit.ly/14iX8RP             (Journalism)

Post 7            ‘Sorry, Harry … we can’t do Islamic baddies’  –  feature article   http://bit.ly/16faxXJ         (Journalism)

Post 6            Responses on blog posts  http://bit.ly/1aL1cvZ   (Journalism)

Post 2            Abdul and the Jihadists  –  feature article  http://bit.ly/16fcXpd          (Journalism)

Post 1            Spinning Blogs  –   feature article  http://bit.ly/16fdE1X    (Journalism)