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The blog posts below have extracts from my stories + some pieces of (occasionally lewd!) journalism and Erotic Review articles



Post 79            de Valera and his Government welcomed Nazi killers to Ireland   –  please go to ‘blog’ (above) to read this piece

Post 78               ‘Oh yes … total chaos everywhere!’ bit.ly/31Rag2P

Post 77             #My worst date – and I thought I loved her … but!!   http://bit.ly/2uFU4VG  

Post 76            Happy days in my Land of the Green Harp                  (A short bio piece from Ireland – published in Ireland’s Own No. 5611 July ’17) 

Post 75            Holocaust memories are grim … but what awaits us in the future?  http://bit.ly/1Z0z7aS         (Journalism)

Post 74            Looking back at 2016 … OMG – no!!   bit.ly/1Ix9JaD   (Journalism)

Post 73             Mary Rose and the Rebels  bit.ly/1PoPe1I   (Short Story)

Post 72             Political chaos in the UK … but my editor is getting hysterical about missiles & bombs   http://bit.ly/1KKvggA   (Journalism)

Post 71             Comedy icons Lena & Amy fool around with guys & girls … but there are scary Islamic omens for sexy infidels!!  http://bit.ly/1MFLIP6   (Journalism)

Post 70            Transgender Challenges!     http://bit.ly/1Dez94x   (Journalism)

Post 69            Is this weird woman lusting after Adolf?   http://bit.ly/1TixX9I    (Journalism)

Post 68           California is enchanting!  http://bit.ly/1Ghx73E   (Journalism)

Post 67           Pre-election mischief in the UK!  http://bit.ly/1HiFVvd    (Journalism)

Post 66           Political tensions escalate as love evolves – Enjoy this chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES http://bit.ly/1wQys2s 

Post 65           An interview about my writing with fabulous Sasha Sleuth Jill Edmondson  http://bit.ly/1p0DHmt 

Post 64           Try some tempestuous Irish passion in this chapter extract from HARPS & TEARS  http://bit.ly/1uTt6z9 

Post 63           Marine Le Pen’s ultra-right Front National is ascending in France  http://bit.ly/1lXLWCB    (Journalism)

Post 62           Flynn is seduced in the Land of the Harp by an assertive Viennese Euro-rightist – Chapter #excerpt from HARPS & TEARS  bit.ly/OnteXv 

Post 61          Smiley robber boys by the Potomac in Washington  – Chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1rTjJPM 

Post 60          My President requests that I come to the White House – Chapter #excerpts from WEIMER VIBES  http://bit.ly/1hKWjE5 

Post 59          Carla suggests a water-boarding session – Chapter #excerpts from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/Pbs0PI 

Post 58           Islamic activists at a London college – Chapter #excerpt from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/QvkUXR 

Post 57           A Nordic artist invites Flynn to her studio – Chapter #excerpt from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/1hP90On 

Post 56           A female journalist attacks Flynn at Cape Sounion in Greece – Chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1jLEago 

Post 55          The gay fascist ‘Führer’ Kerner is honey-trapped in Athens ~ Chapter #excerpts from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1h8U1h8 

Post 54          Why was Anton du Pre shot in Paris? Chapter #excerpts from UNDER COVER  http://bit.ly/1eykOa3

Post 53          Flynn is kidnapped by Israelis in India – Chapter #excerpts from UNDER COVER  http://bit.ly/OKTjjN 

Post 52         A covert visit to Guantanamo – Chapter #excerpts from UNDER COVER  http://bit.ly/1gTZcpr  

Post 51          Khalad & Rashid say that Islamists want to nuke London – Chapter #excerpt from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/1dAQesS 

Post 50         Flynn is recruited as a US Homeland Security agent – Chapter #excerpt  from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/1oL416K 

Post 49         Riots in London as the Army arrives – Chapter #excerpt from DARK CLOUDS  http://bit.ly/1nNUfno 

Post 48         Hitler’s Germany has a resurrection in Ireland  – Chapter #excerpts from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1rcZMmT 

Post 47         ‘Semtex in the Cup-Cakes – with nukes as a side dish!’   http://bit.ly/1aSvFW9      (Journalism)

Post 46          Internment, deportation or death for killer Brit jihadists  http://bit.ly/18NlqYs    (Journalism)

Post 45          Kerner’s Aryans are tomorrow’s SS Commandants – Chapter excerpts from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/1chjPsT

Post 44         Mary Rose and the Rebels  http://bit.ly/19tcWoL   (Journalism)

Post 43          ‘WE HAVE PROBLEMS!’  http://bit.ly/14uu9G6    (Journalism)

Post 42          Crazy Chechen Jihadists … with more to follow!  http://bit.ly/153smOr      (Journalism)

Post 41          Weimar in Wales – a controversial New Statesman feature article  http://bit.ly/1chgYQy      (Journalism)

Post 40          Will my lovely lesbian honey-trap an evil nuclear scientist? #extract  from Harps & Tears  http://bit.ly/RNQQFi 

Post 39          Arabella tells me that her lib/left UK newspaper colleagues are far too ‘limp’ in bed  http://bit.ly/Thz6BB     (Journalism – Erotic Review)  

Post 38          Sex with Politicians in the UK Tabloids  http://bit.ly/QLVy01  (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 37          Can I fit up the neo-Nazi ‘Führer’ Kerner with a gay Greek?  http://bit.ly/TivLRH     (Journalism – Erotic Review)                    

Post 36         Predilections of an Honourable Member  http://bit.ly/ThAnIP      (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 35          Ministerial Diversions  http://bit.ly/10B0LPj                                                  (Journalism – Erotic Review)     

Post 34          ‘OH MY GOD … so now it’s nuclear, guys!’  http://bit.ly/TRJV8P    (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 33          My Brief from Magdalena   http://bit.ly/Te9Vg9                            (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 32          ‘Give us the money, Mr Obama, sir’   http://bit.ly/T7yj2J            (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 31          My editor wants stories with illicit sex +whips etc   http://bit.ly/UMkIgE    (Journalism)

Post 30          Osama or Adolf … where are we heading?  http://bit.ly/oN2qOa        (Journalism)

Post 29           Putin and the Pussy Riot girls  http://bit.ly/Ti0Gvx     (Journalism)

Post 28          ‘Bonjour … je suis en France’   http://bit.ly/WoRtC5      (Journalism)

Post 27          Disintegration and Chaos   http://bit.ly/WJLYTn       (Journalism)

Post 26          An Indian Odyssey   http://bit.ly/U3Cy0n        (Journalism)

Post 25          Euro News Highlights   http://bit.ly/WJN1CV       (Journalism) 

Post 24          UNDER COVER – synopsis   http://bit.ly/V3I87q 

Post 23          Interview + synopses for DARK CLOUDS & WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/QgGpc8 

Post 22          ‘We need more leaders like Churchill and Roosevelt – and now please!’ http://bit.ly/10vH3W1        (Journalism)

Post 21           Weimar Vibes – a synopsis of my novel  http://bit.ly/1561dGd 

Post 20         An Auschwitz link  in a Dublin cafe – Chapter #excerpt from HARPS & TEARS   http://bit.ly/19dMxr3

Post 19          A Very Franchisable Fiction Character – my main man: Rudi Flynn  http://bit.ly/1doS3dq 

Post 18         Bombs and Burqas in Paris   –   feature article  http://bit.ly/19eIQjx        (Journalism)

Post 17          A Death in Dubai – with Nuclear Omens   –  feature article  http://bit.ly/1ep39SP      (Journalism)

Post 16          My Weimar Vibes pitch  http://bit.ly/19eMMRq

Post 15          al-Qaeda and the Taliban target London … again! – feature article  http://bit.ly/c0X7Lo          (Journalism)

Post 14          On duty for Her Majesty when a bomb explodes at the BBC – Chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES   http://bit.ly/14iQw63 

Post 13          Claire was a Working Girl  –  Chapter #excerpt from HARPS & TEARS  http://bit.ly/1566ttx

Post 12          Sinful Temptations in ‘holy’ Ireland  http://bit.ly/1a40SHM         (Journalism)

Post 11          A Disgraceful Career Choice!!  http://bit.ly/16psdkt     (Journalism)

Post 10          Journalists … OMG … don’t you just love us?!  http://bit.ly/19eVAqv     (Journalism – Erotic Review)

Post 9            Flynn takes a drink with his lover’s husband  –  Chapter #excerpt from WEIMAR VIBES  http://bit.ly/188VJyC 

Post 8            ‘Weimar Vibes … are we going there again?’  –  feature article  http://bit.ly/14iX8RP             (Journalism)

Post 7            ‘Sorry, Harry … we can’t do Islamic baddies’  –  feature article   http://bit.ly/16faxXJ         (Journalism)

Post 6            Responses on blog posts  http://bit.ly/1aL1cvZ   (Journalism)

Post 2            Abdul and the Jihadists  –  feature article  http://bit.ly/16fcXpd          (Journalism)

Post 1            Spinning Blogs  –   feature article  http://bit.ly/16fdE1X    (Journalism)